Angela is one of the strongest ladies you could wish to meet. She overcame breast cancer when she was in her late thirties but, unfortunately, she was diagnosed ten years later with secondary bone cancer – some pesky cancer cells had avoided the callous chemo and radiotherapy regime, and lay hidden for a decade. They had been multiplying quite nicely and took a cruise around Angela’s bones and that seems to be where they intend to live until a cure is found or a miracle occurs.


angelbones – for Angela who has Bone cancer – was conceived to give Angela something to occupy the free time that was once busy with work and running a family; bone cancer sometimes makes these ‘everyday’ tasks, ‘impossible’ chores but making angelbones jewellery has become a fulfilling activity that isn’t too physical, but very rewarding.


Soon, other patients asked to be involved and the result is a range of handmade jewellery that has real meaning.

You can be assured that all Angel Bones jewellery is proudly and lovingly created by people who have come to realise just how precious life and time really is.


Each piece has been handmade with appreciation and gratitude for the time they take and gives our angelbones makers, a bit of pleasure and dignity in producing an item that is truly unique and beautiful ... just like them!


Thank you for your support!

hand crafted in Cornwall

inspired by the sea

and our

beautiful coastline!